Promoting Science Education in Secondary Schools

This project is implementing with the support of Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF). This is the second phase of the project. 

Science has an essential role in all aspects of human life. Every branch of human life today is enriched by the contribution of science. Due to this contribution of science in various fields including transportation, agriculture, education, medicine, there has been a radical change in the practical life of people. The key to the welfare of mankind is the acquisition of knowledge about science and technology. Through which the scope of human knowledge develops and makes people interested in creating new things. But compared to other countries, fear and inertia among students towards science in our country is relatively high. The main reason is the lack of proper use and application of science. Since the practical knowledge of science and the use of information technology spread mainly from the secondary level, it is necessary to update knowledge about the practical knowledge and application of science from the secondary level. But currently the number of science students is decreasing in all schools except some secondary schools in our country especially in urban areas. As a result, fear and inertia about science is increasing among students. In order to remove this inertia and fear, various government institutions are conducting various programs to popularize science among students. Along with the government, various private institutions are also conducting various science-based activities to promote science. Popularize Science Education is a part of a initiatives jointly implemented by Bangladesh Freedom Foundation and ASED HABIGONJ. 

The main objective of the project is to make students interested in science, remove the fear of science and increase the number of science students. The activities of this project are being conducted with the aim of presenting our future generation to the world as the artisans of building digital Bangladesh. Despite the closure of all educational institutions across the country due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the project activities did not stop. Yard meetings and parent meetings organized by project staff through home visits play an important role in keeping students focused on textbooks. Also, by encouraging students to create science projects at home and present them online, the development of students’ creativity is observed. In continuation of this, regular personal communication with the teachers and club members of 30 schools under the scope of the project is continued to implement the ongoing activities of the project.