Consumers Product Support Project

This project is special initiative of ASED for the sustainable livelihood development. 

Bangladesh is one of the most populous country in the world with a population that is over 170 Million. Most of the people are facing political and economic struggle. Yet there are number of social problems that are forcing people to lag behind. However, Bangladesh is poor but very prosperous Country. Because, we are now in very good position of demographic dividend and for its natural resources. If we are able to utilize our young forces and resources, we will definitely overcome our problem.   

ASED HABIGONJ is a NGO (Non-Government Human Development Organization) working since 1991 in Bangladesh especially in Haor region. We are implementing various development program/project for improvement of Socio-economic condition and sustainable livelihood development of poor, unemployed and distress people in our society. Aiming this ASED HABIGONJ start an innovative business model which is very exceptional than other’s like BRAC, ASA, Grameen Bank etc. It is beneficial for marginalize group.

Objectives of the project are:

a.  Provide necessary products to the consumers through an easy and tolerable process.

b.  Provide the necessary support to the poorest people, especially youth for creating job opportunities and reduce unemployment and poverty alleviation.

c.  Helping low incoming people to buy materials used in their daily lives.

d. Making people self-reliant by implementing employment and income generation programs.