Charity Efforts Are
For Happiness.

ASED HABIGONJ stresses on non-directive, bottom-up and people’s participatory development strategy in implementing its program to make all its interventions people oriented and leading it towards sustainability. Ideologically ASED HABIGONJ established to act as a facilitator and catalyst of development.

To achieve the said objectives, ASED HABIGONJ first organizes the people in to homogenous groups through motivation and education. Secondly it facilitates in activation of group dynamism for making the group self-supporting in running their activities and thirdly it assists in undertaking economic program to reduce poverty through active involvement and participation.

Basic strategies

  • Addressing the root causes of poverty at all levels from local to national.
  • Promotion of basic human rights, good governance, justice & equity at the levels of the society.
  • Spreading areas of interventions by active involvement, partnership and alliance.
  • Extensive networking with government at local and national level.
  • Involving donors to influence attitude, policies and practice to erase poverty.
  • Conservation of cultural and environmental bio-diversities.
  • Production of standard development professionals those can contribute on subsequent social development.