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Some features

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To build a generous, confident, peaceful but dexterous nation, where poverty will be unloaded and dignity will seat universally at the levels of the society, whither people can demonstrate a devoted and harmonious life of freedom with secured livelihood.

ASED HABIGONJ mission is to improve the ultimate socio-economic and cultural condition of the community through the development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable people, women, children and the people with disabilities to ensure their equal rights and opportunities for participation in the mainstream development.

ASED HABIGONJ stresses on non-directive, bottom-up and people’s participatory development strategy in implementing its program to make all its interventions people oriented and leading it towards sustainability. Ideologically ASED HABIGONJ established to act as a facilitator and catalyst of development.

We Can’t Help Everyone But Everyone Can Help Someone.

ASED is the abbreviation of “Association for Socio-Economic Development”. It is a gender sensitized, community based non-political, non-profitable and non-government civil society organization. It established in response to the felt needs of the area by the active initiative of some social workers, educationist and philanthropists with a view to promoting the socio-economic status of the distressed and powerless people of the area.

It has been working at Habigonj district in Bangladesh for support and development of the most vulnerable women, children and people to ensure their rights, opportunities and participation in the community. The organization- ASED HABIGONJ established in 1991 with the initiative of a group of young, committed and dedicated professionals and social workers.

Advocating for Inclusive Rights and Socio-Economic Development

It is working with the community as well as local government bodies, civil society activists and decision influencing forces to uphold the basic human rights for ASED HABIGONJ target audiences through socio-economic development activities, networking and campaign, providing legal-mental support and creating education opportunity aiming at the expected change. One of our main focuses is to improve the ultimate living condition of the persons & children with disability, the disadvantaged, distressed and poor people of the community as well as the people at social discrimination.

Moments of Change

ASED Habigonj's Impact

Background of Establishment

Historically, Habigonj is one of the most under developed part of Bangladesh, where poverty, illiteracy, un-consciousness, child and maternal mortality, early marriage, denial of rights, school drop-out rate, un- employment rate, violence on women, trafficking and different form of discrimination always stands at a higher level. Considering this unexpected reality some educated & energetic youth felt the need to do some things for these people. From this felt need, they organized a series of discussion with different interested and positive part of the society and finally decided to establish ASED HABIGONJ as a change facilitator of these under developed and under privileged people. As a result ASED HABIGONJ started to function from January 1991, till then ASED HABIGONJ is working as an organization for the people and of the people of Habigonj districts.

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