Organizational Structure

General Committee

Advisory Committee

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Executive Committee

Construction, Roles and Responsibilities of General Committee (GC)

General Committee (GC)

  1. GC is the highest authority of the organization, at present ASED have 27 members in the GC;
  2. This organization preserved the right of the Sanction of constitution, change, increasing or amendment;
  3. This GC will take role for implementation of the executive council;
  4. The EC will elect/nominate the members or the EC by vote or nomination;
  5. The members of GC will get all of the rights given by the organization.
  6. GC will pass annual budget, approve annual expenditure and activity report;
Construction, Roles and Responsibilities of Advisory Committee (AC)

Advisory Committee (AC)

  1. Renowned educationist, social activists, intellectuals and idol persons will be members of this committee
  2. The AC members will be nominated by the EC has the right to change the AC members.
  3. The will be 15 (Fifteen) members in the committee in total. One of the members will be nominated by the EC to lead the committee.
  4. AC will be for 2 years but the EC may extend the duration.
  5. The AC will work for the development of the organization
  6. No membership fee is required but they may contribute if they wish.
  7. The contribution of AC members may be recognized through honoring prizes or memento. The AC members may receive honorarium as per financial capability of the organization.
  8. AC members do not have voting rights for organizational decisions.
Girl and a dog standing in mustard flower field in bangladesh
Rural Indian women in the field.
Construction, Roles and Responsibilities of Executive Committee (EC)

Executive Committee (EC)

  1. EC will be nominated/elected by the GC for 2 years. The will be 9 (Nine) members in EC;
  2. The EC will operate and control the organizational activities and management on behalf of the GC;
  3. Construction of EC:
    President 1
    Vice – President 1
    Chief Executive 1
    Deputy Chief Executive 1
    Treasurer 1
    Executive Member (Female) 2
    Executive Member (Male) 2
    Total 9
  4. To maintain gender equality at least one of President, Vice-President and Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive will be female. Therefore, at least 4 of 9 members will be female;
  5. The Chief Executive will be nominated by the Founder Members.