Basic Point


ASED HABIGONJ mission is to improve the ultimate socio-economic and cultural condition of the community through the development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable people, women, children and the people with disabilities to ensure their equal rights and opportunities for participation in the mainstream development.

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ASED HABIGONJ aspires for a society free from starvation, exploitation and oppression where every individual will be able to live in peace and harmony, where every individual will be able to enjoy the rightful share of the resources. It also envisages augmenting social justice, dignity and fraternity in the process of development endeavors.

ASED HABIGONJ believes that people is the center of all development endeavors. The paramount need of the people is not relief but release – the way to release the potentialities for personal, social, economic and civic growth and development.

ASED HABIGONJ’s development objectives are based on four fundamental inter-related principles i.e.

  • Improvement of sustainable livelihood through local resource mobilization
  • Empowerment of marginalized people especially adolescent, youth and ethnic minority through literacy, education and personal skill development
  • Climate change adaptation, Disaster preparedness & response and secure livelihood

Ensure sustainable development through protection of nature, strengthening democracy, promotion of good governance, establishment of rights & social justice.


ASED HABIGONJ always aims at catering to the ever-increasing demand for technical assistance involving socio-economic and development aspects of different disadvantaged groups of people with particular emphasis on women. The focused areas are environment, disaster response, sanitation, human rights, leadership development, alliance strengthening, education, water resources, communication, public health, food and rural development.

ASED HABIGONJ explicitly display supreme concerns for the rights and privileges of the poor and neglected men and women and is deeply committed to their protection. ASED HABIGONJ works for upgrading their livelihoods, sustainability and combat the evil elements present in their societies.

ASED HABIGONJ stands to remain a trusted partner of the disadvantaged people in their quest for better and healthier living.

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The general objectives of the Organization:
  • To up lift the Socio-Economic status and create employment opportunities for the underprivileged vulnerable people of the society and to improve the living standard with dignity of them
Specific Aims & Objectives of the Organization:
  • To organize and empower the distressed and powerless people through motivation for social awareness, generation of savings achieving self-reliant in development endeavors.
  • To develop human resources by skill development and behavioral changes through providing training, non-formal education, workshop and annual get-together.
  • To advocate for education, especially for quality education through giving optimum emphasis on girl’s education.
  • To provide support for establishing child rights of the distressed and working children by forming children’s organization.
  • To develop self-entrepreneurship and creation of employment opportunities through financial support with a view to poverty alleviation.
  • To increase consciousness about sustaining social environment and ecological balance.
  • To develop awareness about safe water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition & healthcare for active and healthy life and to protect from water borne diseases.
  • To ensure shelter, protection, relief and rehabilitation support to disaster affected people.
  • To improve the agricultural production, homestead gardening and fruit tree plantation for increasing food security, nutrition and household income.
  • To introduce the modern technology of poultry, goat, cattle rearing and pond fish culture for increasing household income.
  • To build network among government, non-government, national & international development associates by sharing information and cooperation.
  • To activate local elected representatives for establishment of good and pro-people governance for the benefit of rural poor and asset less people.

Core Values

  • Respect ethical values: Respect, practice, patronization of the ethical values at both organizationally, project participants and communities. 
  • Accountability and Transparency: Organization will be accountable to its beneficiaries, government and donors for its implementation/achievements and will be transparent to all concerns for its activities
  • Good governance:  The organization will ensure good governance at organization level
  • Equal opportunity: Organization will ensure equal opportunity for its all staff irrespective of gender and religion. Organization will ensure gender equality and equity at both organization and project levels.
  • Organizational culture: Organization will demonstrate equal respect to all as “respect the person not theposition”.
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